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The region - Torres Vedras District

The Municipality of Torres Vedras

The Santa Cruz beach is situated in two of the twenty parishes that compose of the entire district of Torres Vedras: Parish of Silveira and Parish of A-dos-Cunhados.

The municipality has its headquarters in Torres Vedras, with the rise of the town on the 3rd of February 1979, twenty parishes form part of this council: A-dos-Cunhados, Campelos, Carmões, Carvoeira, Dois Portos, Freiria, Maceira, Matacães, Maxial, Monte Redondo, Outeiro da Cabeça, Ponte do Rol, Ramalhal, Runa, S. Pedro da Cadeira, S. Pedro e Santiago, Santa Maria do Castelo e S. Miguel, Silveira, Turcifal e Ventosa. Only four of these parishes are coastal borders with the Atlantic Ocean:

Some About History

The creation of the district dates back to the reign of D. Afronso Henriques, the first scripture being granted only in 1250 by D. Afonso III. This scripture was renovated in 1510 by imposition of the seal of D. Manuel. It was in Torres Vedras that D. Joao I, gathered with his council, to decide and deliberate about the conquest of Ceuta, also in the year 1810, hard-wearing and resistant battles were stopped against the rapid advance of Napoleon’s troops headed towards Lisbon, during the cycle of the French Invasions in memory of the denomination of the Torres Railways.

Visiting the Municipality of Torres Vedras

Visiting these regions bathed by the Atlantic and of rare scenic beauty, populated by hospitable people, constitutes a pleasant journey, recomforting and gratifying.
Fall in love with the gastronomical tastes, the simplicity of the arts & crafts and also the beauty of the cultural patrimony, but do not dispense of a revigorating stroll along the coastal border.

The most important municipal monuments are situated in the town of Torres Vedras, of which stand out various churches and existing convents, the aqueduct, the medieval castle and the fort of S. Vincente. In the remaining parishes you will also find points of great tourist and cultural interest. From Assenta beach to Porto Novo and passing through Azul beach through Santa Cruz beach. From the patrimony stand out the "Castro de Zambujal", the ruins of the "Convento de Penafirme" to "Azenha de Santa Cruz", the home of the Military Veterans in Runa, the various wind-mills, or the Turcifal manor-houses.

The most popular and well known festivities in the whole district are related to the traditional Carnival Festivities of Torres Vedras, the Summer Carnival in Santa Cruz, the Ethnografy Parade of the 15th August in Santa Cruz and the numerous popular festivals celebrated throughout the whole district, the organisation mainly takes place during the summer season.


Torres Vedras Municipality Map

Text: Artur Henriques
Published: 2-Jan-2006
Updated: 31-Jan-2007

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Coat of Arms
Weapons – Red Shield, with a silver castle, composed of two towers, united by a wall with a black door, covered and ended by two weathercocks and surmounted by two stars of the same metal, that accompany the corner squires.
Silver crown with five towers.
White stripe with the wording “CIDADE DE TORRES VEDRAS”, in bold black.
Patron Saint
Santa Maria do Castelo
Municipal Holiday
11th of November
72.750 (Census 2001)
Torres Vedras is the district in the west that in absolute terms most contributes to the production of richness, representing about 0,6% of the Gross Internal Product in 2004. In all its more than 70.000 inhabitants present a buying power per capital of 2004, of only 82,63, considering the content 100 with the average value of the country.
Activity Sectors
In relation to the resident population distribution by the great economic activity sectors, it has been verified that a progressive decrease of the primary sector (agriculture) and the corresponding compensation through the growth of the third sector (commerce and services). In accordance with the facts of the INE relative to 2001, the population distribution active per sector was: 57,2% for commerce and services, 34,5% for industry and others, 8,3% for the representative sector of fishing and agriculture.
  S. Pedro da Cadeira  



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