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Sports & Leisure- Sports - Aerodrome

Municipal Aerodrome of Santa Cruz

The aerodrome is located 500 metres Southeast of Santa Cruz and is the most western based of the European continental platform.

The ground on which today is situated the aerodrome was prepared and put to use in1931, its first flight landing done by Lieutenant Manuel Gouveia on the 27th April 1931, with the field still under repair.

The official inauguration happened on the 27th July 1931 with the presence of 17 airplanes from GEAR (Grupo de Esquadrilhas de Aviação Republica), GIAB (Grupo Independente de Aviação e Bombardeamento), EMA (Escola Militar de Aviação) and AeCP (Aero Clube de Portugal) in a ceremony of big significance at the time.

Flying, Model Planes and Flight Shows

Presently it has two hangers and two parallel strips, one of gravel with 700 x 23 metres and another of tar with 600 x 23 metres that operate daily from daybreak to sunset.

On the runways, gliders can also operate, single and dual engine and is one of the busiest national aerodromes with more than 25.000 annual operations.

At the Santa Cruz Aerodrome is the ACTV- Aeroclube de Torres Vedras – that has a flight school, model planes section and organized flight shows.The runway for model planes of the ACTV is 210 x 20 metres, being crossed by “Y” by another with 150 x 10 metres; it is equipped with a heliport for model plane fans and is considered one of the best in the country.


Did you know ...

"The ACTV was pioneer in taking forward missions of civic character in detaining forest fires, in various stowage campaigns, these missions permit the pilots to practice their flying skills, facilitating the maintenance of their pilots licenses with reduced costs"


Text: Artur Henriques
Photos: Agostinho Dias
Published: 21-May-2005

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Aerial view of runways:
Santa Cruz and the Atlantic Ocean on the far end
Chipmunk MK-20 next to hangar 2
Chipmunk MK-20 preparing
to take off
Aerial view of Porto Novo Beach in the Alcabrichel River mouth and Santa Rita Beach
  Santa Cruz Aerodrome  
  Joaquim Agostinho  
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