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Photos are presented in several albums and organized by themes. For more details about each of them, the author, the themes and the published dates, or to see the pictures, select one of the hyperlinks.

Highlights: The Last Album

Praia do Guincho Beach

Theme: Summer Day in Praia do Guincho [12]
Summary: One day in " Praia do Guincho" beach, with the testimonial of " Penedo do Guincho", "Riba Amarela" and " Penedo dos Pescadores"...
Published: 9th November 2006
Author: Artur Henriques
Sunset in Santa Cruz Beach

In this page you find several old and new photos and they can being seen for free. They may be downloaded if any future use does not violate copyrights.

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  Santa Cruz Old Pictures  
  Santa Cruz Old Postcards  
  XX Century, First Half  
  "Praia do Guincho": Beach  
  "Praia da Amoeira": Beach  
  "Praia da Mexilhoeira": Beach  
  Reserva Natural Santa Cruz  
  "Praia da Vigia": Beach  
  "Porto Novo" Sunset  
  Alcabrichel River Margins  
  "Porto dos Barcos"  
  "Praia Azul": Beach  
  "Penedo do Guincho"  
  Rare Beautiful Beaches  
  Lady of Fátima Visit  
  Torres Carnival, 2006  
  Torres Carnival, 2004  
  St Helena Procession  
  Parade of August, 15th  
  Animation on the Streets  
  "Passeio Gaivota" Alcabrichel  
  Jumping Riding in Vimeiro  
  Aeronautical Festival ACTV 2006  
  Zap International Skim board 06  
  Masters of Beach Football 06  
  Christmas in Santa Cruz 2006  
  Christmas in Silveira  
  Christmas in Santa Cruz  
  Óbidos Castle  

















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