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Culture & Ethnography - Local Remarkable People

Writers and Poets that Lived in Santa Cruz

There were various writers, philosophers, thinkers and poets that lived in Santa Cruz. This land of extensive Atlantic beaches, with rural scenery, with natural charm, served as inspiration to various personalities in which stand out:

Due to the fondness and care that these illustrious men of words demonstrated during their passage through this region, the people of Santa Cruz, in honour of their memories, were raised throughout the villa, various statues and monuments, apart from having granted their names to some of the streets and the centre places.

Elected Athletes

The “simple folk” region always maintained a strong tradition connected to cycling. It is very frequent to see numerous fans of this sport on the streets, at any time of the year and for all ages, peddling away for mere pleasure or professionalism. Various of these athletes were born in the outskirts of Santa Cruz, but above all stands out especially for his bravery and courage:


Did you know ...


These are all the cyclists, that were born in the Council of Torres Vedras and that, in different seasons, participated in the Cycle Marathon around Portugal - Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta:

João Lúcio, Ernesto Ludovino, Lino Marques, Vivaldo Veloso, João Roque, João Sarreira, Leonel Miranda, António Vieira da Silva, Francisco Miranda, Álvaro Roque, José Alves, Raul Terêncio, Alberto Leal, Carlos Marta, Fernando Ventura, João Paulo, Vítor Rodrigues, Joaquim Gomes, João P. Roque, Jorge Silva, Orlando Rodrigues, Nuno Calado, Vítor Gamito, Luís Sarreira, Nuno Alves, Bruno Castanheira, Hugo Lúcio, Rui Roque, Nuno Marta, Hélder Miranda and Marco Silvestre...


Text: Artur Henriques
Photos: Artur Henriques
Published: 10-May-2005

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Antero de Quental Statue
The João de Barros Monument
The Kazuo Dan Monument
The Joaquim Agostinho Monument in Silveira
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