Belenus, Praia de Santa Cruz Beach - Ethnography Parade 15th August
Ethnography Parade
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Culture & Ethnography - Ethnography - Ethnography Parade 15th August

Ethnography Parade of the 15th August

Inserted annually in the programme “Onda de Verão”, takes place on the 15th August in Santa Cruz the Cortejo Etnografico (ethnography march), relying on the participation of various ethnographic and folklore groups of the Torres Vedras region.

The initiative is to recreate an ancient tradition of the rural populations in the region of Torres Vedras, that mainly organized at that time of the year a visit to the beach. In the interval of the last autumn harvests and the vintage preparations, the «visit to the beach» was, in actual a much lived out festival by the population of the region.

The preparations for the day of the «festivities» involvement and participation from the whole community, not forgetting the traditional «eating & drinking» good tastes mixed with the great wine of the region. Wearing your Sunday best garment, join the traditional parade of coaches and wagons to the Santa Cruz beach.

With manifestations of regional cultures, there are various Folklore groups and Ethnography groups that parade through the streets of Santa Cruz. Tradition has it that annually close to the Penedo do Guincho, takes place a get together lunch followed by a swim. Many are the sporting activities that take place after and during the “eating and drinking”.

See the parade photographs of 2005!


Did you know ...

"The main objective of Ethnography is identifying the individual passage inserted in micro collectives that is lodged in their social behaviour, the larger ethnic concepts, region, people and nation."








Text: Afonso Diniz
Photos: Artur Henriques
Published: 5-May-2005
Updates: 16-Aug-2005

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Family "outing to the beach"
The acting of the Folkloric Dancers
Going for a swim
The “eating and drinking” of the common folk «saloios»
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