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Culture & Etnography - The Gastronomy

The Gastronomy of the Western Region

The West is a region where land and sea merge: land of abundant farmers where good wines are produced; a settlement of convents proud of their liqueurs and sweets; a place where there is intense fishing activity.

In the rural areas of the interior, the gastronomical tradition accentuates mainly on the confection of delicious meat. The littoral settlement being rich in marine fauna, the dishes made of fish and seafood that constitute a compulsory reference.

The Gastronomy from Assenta to Porto Novo

Santa Cruz and remaining littoral from Assenta to Porto Novo, reflect in gastronomical terms, the proximity of the sea with a strong rural component: the traditional plates can either delight meat lovers as well as those who savour fish and seafood dishes.
But the pleasure is not complete without the traditional home baked bread, baked in stone oven and the “great wine”, that is produced in the council of Torres Vedras.

Of all the traditional dishes, the ones that satisfy the glutton of meat appreciators stand out: the original dishes of the “slaughter of the pig”; the rabbit stew with rice; the ever so delicious kid oven roast; the divine lamb or kid stews; the succulent veal slices and the enormous cow ribs grilled on the open fire as well as the delicious vegetable soups.

For those who appreciate the dishes made from fish and seafood, we recommend: the diversified cod fish dishes; the mussels or clams au natural or “bulhao pato”; fish stew; the mackerel, the sea-bream and the open fire grilled sea bass.

Meat or fish, the meal is accompanied with salads and completed with delicious desserts: the typical sweet bean cup cakes; tasty local cheese and all types of conventual sweets.



Text: Artur Henriques
Photos: Artur Henriques
Published: 28-Jan-2006

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The open plan kitchens; in the old west staged during the medieval market in the Castle of Óbidos
Rabbit stew with rice: The stew waiting for the bed of rice serving.
The cooked codfish with potatoes: preparing a dish of boiled codfish accompanied with boiled potatoes and onion.
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