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Homage to Joaquim Agostinho
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Culture & Ethnography - Local Remarkable People - Joaquim Agostinho

Homage to Joaquim Agostinho

Joaquim Francisco Agostinho, was born on the 7th of April 1943, in Brejenjas, a small village that borders upon the vila of Santa Cruz.

Like all boys of his time, he completed his military service at the portuguese colonies in Mozambique. When he ended his military service, with the money he had been saving, he bought his first bicycle. His “first practices” were done on his daily rides, of about 35km, between his native town Brejenjas and his work place on some farmlands close to Cucos in the outskirts of Torres Vedras.

Only at the age of 25 was he accidentally recognized for his potential in cycling and with the help of racer Joao Roque, from Sporting, he participated in the first amateur trial, "Circuito do Barro", on Christmas day in 1967. Stood out above all other adversaries and won by far. João Roque was so enthusiastic and impressed with his strength that he took him to the Sporting Team.

Because he had very little peddling skill, he frequently fell from his bicycle and due to that at Sporting he became known as “Quim das Cambalhotas”. Apart from these initial difficulties, he rapidly showed his champions value and was destined to bring great joy to national cycling.

On his first year of activity in 1968, he becomes National and Regional Champion in the Amateurs League. From then on he never stopped obtaining great and glorious conquests. From his brilliant trophy’s these stand out:

  • 6 Championships of Portugal
  • 5 Championships of Portugal in counter-clock
  • 3 Portugal tours
  • 2 third places in his 13 participations of the Tour de France winning 5 stages

The cyclist’s complete memoirs and trophy’s can be consulted on

Throughout his activity, at the age of 41, suffers a fall in the Algarve tour that left him in critical condition. But still he got back on his bicycle with the help of his colleagues, completed the last stage of his career. Due to this accident, he died 10 days later on the 10th of May 1984 at the CUF Hospital.

The monument dedicated to Joaquim Agostinho, in Torres Vedras is situated in the northern top of the "Parque Verde da Varzea". In the garden of the Silveira, 3km from Santa Cruz, was also constructed in 1989, a monument in homage to the athlete. The main road of access to the centre of Santa Cruz, beginning at the roundabout of the Camping Park, was designated as "Avenida Joaquim Agostinho".

Did you know ...


In the year 2000 the journalists of “A Bola” considered Joaquim Agostinho as the 4th most important Portuguese Sportsman of the XX Century, straight after Eusébio (1st), Carlos Lopes (2nd) and Rosa Mota (3rd).

In 1984 Joaquim Agostinho was awarded with the Grau de Oficial da Ordem do Infante, a title stipulated by the then President of the General Republic, Ramalho Eanes.



Text: Artur Henriques
Photos: Artur Henriques
Published: 10-May-2005

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Joaquim Agostinho
At the "Tour de France"
Monument in Homage to Joaquim Agostinho in Torres Vedras
Monument in Homage to Joaquim Agostinho in Silveira
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