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The Region - Santa Cruz Location & Access

Western Region - Santa Cruz Location & Access

The Santa Cruz Beach is situated in the Parish of Silveira and of A-dos-Cunhados, District of Torres Vedras, area of Lisbon and is one of the many dozens of beaches of the Atlantic coast that form part of the Western Region Tourism.

With easy and fast access, and only 60kms from Lisbon; 17kms from Torres Vedras and 50kms from Caldas da Rainha, on the A8 Highway that connects Lisbon to Leiria.



Praia de Santa Cruz :: Santa Cruz Beach

At the Western Region Tourism site, the beach of Santa Cruz is described as being the “Queen of Western Beaches”, traditional and local in a more cosmopolitan environment, a group of numerous beaches with distinct characteristics, natural beauty and charm; it is the chosen place for connoisseurs of sun & sea getaways.

The reference point of the beach of Santa Cruz is the Penedo do Guincho, formed by a rocky structure which is somewhat imposing with 30 meters in height by 100 in circumference, possessing in its base a dome-shaped crevice where the sea runs through.

How to Get To Santa Cruz

Through this connection "Opel Route Planner" and from any part of the country or Europe you are able to get to Santa Cruz.

Just select destination: Torres Vedras Santa Cruz

Wishing you a pleasant trip!







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The "Penedo do Guincho"
Portugal Administrative Map

Santa Cruz Street

Street maps of Praia de Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Roads

Road map and satellite imagery of Santa Cruz

Western Region

Road map of the "Região do Oeste"

T. Vedras Roads

Road map and satellite imagery of Torres Vedras

Torres Vedras Parishes

Administrative map of Torres Vedras Municipality

T. Vedras Beaches

Map of the beaches of the Torres Vedras seashore
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