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Sports & Leisure - Strolls

A Stroll through Santa Cruz

There are various reasons to enjoy a stroll through Santa Cruz: Not just the natural beauty of its landscape but also the power of unwinding relaxation you will find. If you choose a pedestrian walk or by bicycle, you will feel improvements on your physical, mental and emotional well being.

Pedestrian Walks (Strolls):

Bicycle Strolls:

Other Tours:

  • Passeio no Comboio Turístico
  • Passeio de Gaivota no Alcabriche
  • Airplane Flights

Enjoy this Litle Paradise Walking

While on a pedestrian stroll, walk slowly, do not over exert, relax and breathe in fresh air from the sea. Savour each moment the sublime beauty of the natural landscape, the sea, the country and enjoy the colours, the sounds, the aromas, feel the happiness while walking this small paradise.

The Tourist Train operates only in the months of July and August between 10h00 and17h00.

There are various parking lots at your disposal, park your vehicle and select one of these strolls and prepare to ride through Santa Cruz Beach and the outskirts of town




Text: Artur Henriques
Photos: Artur Henriques
Published: 15-Jul-2005
Updated: 01-Apr-2006

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Passeio no Comboio Turístico:
Tourist Train around Santa Rita Beach
Passeio Marítimo no Areal:
Stroll along the Beach
Pavement along "Avenida do Atlântico"
Passeio Atlântico ao Pôr-do-Sol: The Beauty of the Sunset seen from the North Beach
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  Passeio na Ciclovia  
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