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Culture& Ethnography - Architectural Heritage

Architectural Heritage of Public Interest

In Santa Cruz and its outskirts there are three monuments or places, classified by the IPPAR as Public Interest Property:

  • Azenha de Santa Cruz
  • The Ruins of the " Convento de Penafirme"
  • Two Caves next to Maceira

The "Azenha de Santa Cruz"

The "Azenha de Santa Cruz", situated in the centre of Santa Cruz, was classified by the IPPAR in the category of Civil Architecture, according to the state law 67/97 DR 301 of the 31st December 1997.

The Ruins of the "Convento de Penafirme"

The ruins of the "Convento de Penafirm" or of the "Convento De Nossa Senhora da Graça de Penafirme", built between 1597 and 1638, was destroyed by the invasion of water floods consequence of the earthquake of 1755, situated in the sand dunes, next to the Sorraia riverbed, 700 metres from the Santa Rita beach and 4 km from Santa Cruz. This property was classified by the IPPAR in the category of Religious Architecture and Convent style through two state laws: the state law 29/90 DR 163 of the 17th July 1990 and the state law 45/93 DR 280 of the 30th November 1993.

The Caves "Grutas Pré-Históricas de Maceira"

The pre-historic caves designated as “As Duas Grutas" next to Maceira, including the "Gruta or Lapa da Rainha", situated in Maceira, about 6km from Santa Cruz, on the margins of the Alcabrichel River. This place was classified by the IPPAR in the category of Archaeological style cave through the state law 35817 DG 187 of the 20th August 1946.

IIP - Public Interest Property

Under the cover of the classification, these properties have an extended protected area of 50m counting the external limits, or of a special protected and preserved area in which there can be no specific alterations done without them being subjected and queried from central administration, whereupon the projects are authorized by the architects.


Did you know ...

"The Portuguese Institute of Architectural Patrimony has the mission of conserving, preserving and safeguarding the architectural Portuguese patrimony, including all property of special historical value, artistic; scientific; social or technical remainders of national territory..."..."


Text: Afonso Diniz
Photos: Artur Henriques
Published: 28-May-2005

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Azenha de Santa Cruz
Panel of glazed tiles representing the "Azenha de Santa Cruz" with the "Penedo do Guincho".
Ruins of the "Convento de Penafirme"
Detail of the ruins of the
"Convento de Penafirme"
Margins of the Alcabrichel River
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