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The Beaches

Atlantic Beaches of Rare Natural Beauty

Perhaps because of the rare natural beauty of its beaches, Santa Cruz is one of the most sought after seaside resorts of the western region.

Santa Cruz and its outskirts are favoured with a group of beaches with extensive miles of golden sands, surrounded by majestic cliffs.These slopes formed by clay rocks in red and grey tones, either covered by the green vegetation or discovered, that involves the swimmers in a natural frame of beauty. Attracted by these charms are the millions of tourists spread throughout enjoying the moments of rest and relaxation.

The wind and sea can sometimes aggressively whip away the sands, but they are so extensive and many of them protected by the cliffs. Paradise for surfers with all the natural conditions to practice this sport.

During the summer season, especially the month of August, Santa Cruz reaches a resident population of 40.000. On quiet weekends, be it summer or winter, mainly on Sunday afternoons, hundreds of people that live on the outskirts do not dispense their Sunday stroll in Santa Cruz.

More than 20 Beaches along the Coast

Even though many opt for a refreshing swim in the Atlantic or simply relaxing the body by sunbathing. Along more than 20km of coast, from Assenta to Porto Novo, there are more than twenty beaches at your entire disposal some in proximity of inviting picnic grounds or rest areas. Of all of them stand out:

Get to know more about each of these beaches by selecting one of the links...

Visit us! Be Touched by its Rare Natural Beauty!

There are various reasons to enjoy a stroll through Santa Cruz: Not just the natural beauty of its landscape but also the power of unwinding relaxation you will find.

Visit some of the cultural places, touched by the eminent poets and writers that lived on this land. Understand why they ran to the top of the cliff and feel their source of inspiration.


Did you know ...  

The summer season starts on the 1st of June and ends on the 30th of September.

Torres Vedras is one of the councils of the country where this summer on its beaches, will be hoisted the blue flag… and some of them were elected as Golden Beaches...


Text: Afonso Diniz
Photos: Artur Henriques
Published: 5-May-2005
Updated: 28-Feb-2006

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General Panorama of the Beaches
The Beaches of Guincho, Azenha, Santa Helena and Norte
Panorama of Praia Azul
Detail of the cliff structures
  Praia Formosa  
  Praia do Centro  
  Praia da Física  
  Blue Flag  
  Gold Quality  
  Praia Azul  
  Praia da Amoeira  
  Praia do Guincho  
  Praia da Mexilhoeira  
  Praia da Vigia  
  Porto dos Barcos  
  Praia de Porto Novo  


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